A Central Hub

A central hub for all your team’s work

Organize Quip’s cloud-based documents and spreadsheets in one place. Give your team structure with shared folders, make fast decisions with chat, and improve access and visibility to drive work forward.

Quip is your central hub

Teams using Quip finish projects 37% faster*

Get organized once and for all

Instead of making a doc and hoping to find it again later, give it a home. Create shared folders for teams and projects that make your documents easy to find and get back to for everyone.

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Work transparently and securely

Quip brings transparency to your team’s work, but does it securely. Improve access and visibility without compromising control, with permissions at the group, folder, or document level.

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Search, party of one

Call off the search party. Quip finds what you're looking for on your first attempt, so you don't have to ask your teammates for help.

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Stay in the know

Quip takes you right to the action with push notifications on your phone and desktop. Stay in sync with your team using filtered activity feeds in the Quip inbox, and a sidebar for every document.

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Access your work anywhere

Don’t let your phone stop you. Search, browse, and access all of your docs, spreadsheets, and conversations from your mobile device.

organize in Quiporganize in Quip

*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

“We put it in Quip, that way it’s transparent and accessible to everyone in the the company.” Max Mullen Co-Founder, Instacart

The stuff that counts

Everything your team needs to be productive and organized in one place.

IMPORT / EXPORT – Convert Excel docs into Quip spreadsheets and vise versa

VERSION HISTORY – Get a clear picture of who changed what, and when

@MENTIONS – Bring teammates into any cell in your spreadsheet

CONDITIONAL FORMATTING – Make important data obvious to your team

LINKING – Easily link your spreadsheets to related work for easy access

OFFLINE – Drive your spreadsheets forward with Quip’s auto-syncing desktop app

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